In my painting I deal with magic of abstraction with renessance on Dada.

When I stand in front of a white screen, I feel quieter and freer, put on a first layer of paint, let me drift and come mostly in new areas and connections.

Now I move completely new terrain for me and paint instinctively as banned, until I get to the secret.

The motive is a language of its own and it communicates with me.

"What we call Dada is foolishness, extracted from emptiness, in which all the higher problems are wrapped up; a gladiator's gesture, a game playing with shabby remains, ... a public execution of a decree of false morality. "

Among the principal creative findings of Dada is the principle of random (stochastic) organization of compositions of their works, the reception of "artistic automatism" in the act of creativity, the use of all kinds of objects in art-activities sphere.