Nod Art


Larissa Nod
  • Since 02.2017 Member Association of Berlin Artists (VBK)
  • 2010 - 12 Distance learning painting at Hamburg Academy, diploma
  • 1981 - 86 Studied at the State University of Yaroslavl, diploma mathematician
  • 1964 Born in Montschegorsk / Russia
artist Larissa Nod

Exhibitions 2016

  • Brut Interstellar / Space time, ART F 200, Berlin
  • Brut Interstellar / Elementares, gallery Spandow, Berlin
  • Cosmic Trio, Propeller gallery, Toronto (Canada)
  • Obsessions, gallery at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
  • Art Boulevard 2016, Berlin
  • Cosmic Twins I, you me gallery, Hamilton (Canada)
  • Flags, Toscana Hall Weißensee, Berlin
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My History

  • As every blossom wilts and every youth
  • Yields to age, so blooms every step of life,
  • So too blooms every wisdom and every virtue
  • In its time and may not last forever...
  • In every beginning lives a magic,
  • Protecting us and helping us to live.
Hermann Hesse «Steps»
artist by painting

I was a diploma mathematician working as a computer programmer in Russia and had one dream twice, where i was told I have to paint. I got private trainings by an professional artist in Berlin and studied painting in the "Hamburger Akademie".

I think, Life is so interesting, because in her dreams can come true.

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