AKTionale | Das Nackte Sein III

The AKTionale format is an exhibition series that presents current positions on fixed themes and contents every four years, as a result of present-day events, life situations in which one feels physically and psychologically naked and helpless or even happy, content.

Almost everyone experiences incisive, disturbing and traumatic experiences starting with birth, which can be completely broken but can also grow inwardly and in which socio-philosophical as well as - political perspectives completely change.

Deep experiences in private or love life, social upheaval, war experiences, gender outings, simply all events that can shake the life of your own self-image to the deepest ...

In the exhibition, 37 artists will present their individual examination of the topics and make the timeliness of the processes visible.

Participating artists: ameret • Bernadette Arnaud • Silke Bartsch • Eskild Beck • Nikolaus Becker • Christiane Boese • Catherine Bourdon • Andrea Cataudella • Christoph Damm • Pauline Disonn • Burghild Eichheim • Rami Hairi • Maurycy Hanc • Rosika Jankó-Glage • Judith Kuhlmann • Peter Lindenberg • Joaxhim Manger • Max Georg Marcks • Larissa Nod • Helga Ntephe • Michael Otto • Nele Probst • Marianne Reim • Irina Rosanowski • Franziska Rutishauser • Peter Schlangenbader • Sabine Schneider • Konstantin Schneider • Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern • Evelyn Sommerhoff • Anita Staud • Hans Stein • Richard Stimmel • Anna von Bassen • Helga Wagner • Gerard Waskievitz • Mechthild Weisser